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  • The long-term success of endodontic treatment is greatly dependent on how well the tooth is restored. This very practical course will address the many critical decisions and the wide array of options involved in the restoration of endodontically treated teeth in 2021. Our goal should be to understand the unique properties of endodontically treated teeth and to carefully choose the most logical combination of restorative materials and procedures to ensure a long and problem-free prognosis.

    • - Understand the importance of the ferrule and a healthy biologic width and decide when extraction and replacement may be a better option
    • - Compare options for both core and post materials¬†
    • - Explain why anterior teeth are very different than posterior teeth. Is a crown always the best option?
    • - Describe the technique for the placement of a glass fiber post and a composite core
    • - Determine whether or not a post is indicated¬†

  • Speaker: Carl McManama, DDS

    Moderator: Robert Cauley, DMD

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