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  • BORID's Licensure Requirements for Dental Assistants

    Are you a licensed dental assistant or interested in becoming licensed as a dental assistant? This course summarizes the licensure requirements for all dental assistants including licensure renewal and continuing education. The course will also include a summary of BORID’s regulations regarding the permissible scope of practice for licensed dental assistants. A brief question-and-answer period will be included at the end of the course.

    • - Understand BORID's Regulations at 234 CMR and MGL c. 112, s. 51 1/2
    • - Explain "letter of intent" versus initial licensure
    • - Define on-the-job trained, formally trained, certified, and expanded functions
    • - List initial licensure requirements and licensure renewal requirements
    • - Understand continuing education requirements
    • - Review delegable duties chart for dental assistants
  • Speakers:

    Barbara A. Young, RDH

    Jacyn Stultz, RDH

    Jennifer McKeon, CDA; RDH

    Stacy Haluch, RDH

Recommended Audience
  • Assistant; Dental Student; Dentist
  • 1.0
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