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  • Complimentary light dinner included  

    This course will approach occlusion using an anatomically sound and physiologically harmonious position of the joints, as well as understanding how the muscles, periodontium, and teeth factor into the system.

    Attendees consider the idea that occlusion is no longer just a centric relation, centric occlusion position that is one-dimensional. Rather, occlusion has to do with many dimensions including how the lower jaw comes forward and back, how the lower jaw can settle naturally within the confines of the upper arch without shifting, and how one side and the other can function together so that the vertical heights of both are relatively even to support the temporomandibular joints. 

    The key to treatment success is proper diagnosis. Today’s technology provides additional tools to enhance our diagnostic capabilities. Once we have the diagnosis, then the concept of occlusion that fits the diagnosis is the most appropriate for that patient. When the treatment is consistent with a proper diagnosis we can achieve success.

    The course will include:
    •    A step-by-step guide to three dimensional-examination of the occlusion
    •    Hands-on record taking for transfer from the mouth to the articulator that accurately records the position you have chosen
    •    Comprehensive oral exam to determine occlusal stability


  • Learning Objectives:

    •    Review of the evidence on occlusal concepts currently in vogue
    •    Understand CR, CO and neuromuscular occlusion as it relates to the three- dimensional concepts of biologic function, when and how to choose
    •    Review the biologic principles of dental occlusion
    •    Recognize risk indicators of TMD that “call out to you” from your patient’s mouth  
    •    Learn to merge esthetics and function for long-term stability and health
    •    Understand the new techniques in digital dentistry and how they can provide valuable additional information about patients’ occlusion
    •    Perform an occlusal evaluation, digital scan and bite registration 


  • Gerard Kugel, DMD, PhD, is an associate dean of research and a professor of restorative dentistry at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and maintains a private practice in Boston.
  • MDS Dentist/Auxiliary Member $150

    Non-MDS Member $250

Recommended Audience
  • Dentist; Hygienist
  • 3.0
Financial Disclosure
  • Gerard Kugel, DMD, PhD is an owner of Trinity Dental.
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