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Event Details
  • The Massachusetts Dental Society has arranged for a limited number of spaces for dental assistants to take DANB’s Radiation Health and Safety (RHS®) exam.  This course is designed to review the four domains covered by the DANB® RHS exam and prepare the student for successful completion of the DANB RHS exam.***

    Prep Course: Wednesday, June 12
    Registration: 8:30 am, Seminars: 9:00 am-1:00 pm 

    Lecture Session: MDS Headquarters.
    Exam: Friday, June 14        

    Domain I: Expose and Evaluate • Domain II: Quality Assurance and Radiology Regulations 
    Domain III: Radiation Safety for Patients and Operators • Domain IV: Infection Control 
    Utilizing a systematic approach, each domain will be covered. Following each domain segment will be a series of review questions intended to prepare the student for successful completion of the DANB RHS Exam.  
    • Discuss exposure techniques and evaluation/interpretation processes for intra and extraoral radiographs 
    • Define image receptor types, sizes, uses, diagnostic acceptability, patient preparation and management 
    • Describe quality assurance procedures, correct storage and disposal of radiographic materials
    • Become familiar with radiology regulations and compliance
    • Define standards for radiation safety  
    • Explain processing, mounting, labeling of radiographs; review technique, processing and handling errors
    *Participants are paying for the RHS exam through the MDS online registration system, but they will be required to submit a separate online exam application to DANB by May 24, 2019 to participate in the Test Event. DANB will email a test event exam application link to each participant which the participant must complete by May 24th.
    ***The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) course is not officially endorsed by the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB), nor is participating in the course required in order to take DANB’s Radiation Health and Safety (RHS®) exam.
    The DANB logo is a registered trademark of the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc., and is reprinted by MDS with permission.
  • Kelly Jancaitis, CDA, RDH
  • Prep Course and Exam $299

    Prep Course Only $79

Recommended Audience
  • Assistant; Hygienist
  • 4.0
  • Participants must be 18+ years of age
Financial Disclosure
  • Kelly Jancaitis, CDA, RDH has no financial relationships relevant to this presentation to disclose.
Cancellation Policy
  • Refund Policy for the Prep Course Refunds can be made online up to 10 days prior to the class by contacting the Mass Dental Society. You will receive a full refund minus a $10 processing fee. There are no refunds less than 10 days out including cancelations due to illness, late arrivals or weather. Full refund will be given if your class is cancelled for any reason by MDS. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing. There is no refund for courses once the course begins. Registrants will be notified by e-mail if the course is canceled due to inclement weather or for any other reason by MDS. The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address used to register. Refund Policy for the Exam MDS will issue refunds to participants who did not complete DANB exam application by deadline. If a registrant signs up and pays for the June 14, 2019 DANB RHS Exam test event in the MDS registration system but fails to complete DANB’s online exam application by the deadline of May 24, 2019, DANB will cancel that registrant’s reservation for the test event and will notify MDS to refund the $250 RHS exam fee to the registrant. MDS will issue such refunds by June 14, 2019. Any requests for rescheduling or cancellation of an exam appointment and any resulting refunds will be handled in accordance with DANB policies as outlined in the DANB Candidate Handbook, which will be made available to each candidate through DANB’s online exam application process.